Election Recommendations

California’s March primary is around the corner, and some major issues are coming up. The 54th AD central committee does not do formal endorsements. But we would like to provide you this list, courtesy of longtime Republicans Craig Huey and Gary Aminoff. For more information check Bear to the Right blog.


County Measure R: YES

State Measure 13: NO. Keep in mind this Prop 13 is a partial repeal of the original Prop 13. Known as a “split roll”, it removes Prop 13 property tax protections from commercial and industrial lots. Its true nature has been deceptively hidden as a “funds for schools” measure. This is the first step towards removing Prop 13 protections completely.

CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATES: We defer to Los Angeles County GOP

JUDICIAL CANDIDATES*: we are refraining from endorsing judicial candidates this year. Unfortunately, they are generally Democrats endorsed by the Democrat party. Which does not bode well for our judicial system here in California.