Election Recommendations

Local Candidates – LAGOP is proud to endorse Errol Webber for California’s 37th Congressional District.  He has a formidable volunteer army and war chest not seen in our district in many years.  We suggest people contact his campaign at webber2020.com and see how they can get involved.

County Ballot Measures

Measure RR – OPPOSE Dubbed the “School Upgrades and Safety Measure”, this is a $7 billion LAUSD Construction Bond. This bond measure will last until 2055. It will be amongst the largest school district bond measures in US history.

Measure J – OPPOSE This defunds the county sheriff’s department by 10%. This is on top of recent “decarceration” efforts – meaning our neighborhoods will be even less safe as a result. It is misleadingly called “The Community Investment and Alternatives to Incarceration Minimum County Budget Allocation” to avoid what it really does.

Jackie Lacey for District Attorney – Both incumbent Jackie Lacey and her challenger George Gascon are Democrats, and it’s against our bylaws to endorse someone who is not a Republican.  But we can still offer an impartial analysis.  Lacey has been a consistent and thoughtful upholder of our laws.  Gascon is a San Francisco transplant who has the same anarchist view of the law of DAs in cities like Portland and Seattle. He’s being pushed in by Sacramento, and if he is elected we can expect Los Angeles to further slip into chaos.  Choose accordingly.

Local Ballot Measures – Culver City

Measure B – SUPPORT: Require Voter Approval for Rent Control. Last year, Culver City Council passed an Interim Rent Control Ordinance, despite never running on the issue. They are transitioning it into a permanent rent control board with little to no resident input.
Rent control is a contentious issue, with strong opinions on both sides. We want to debate and approve this as a city before it becomes a lasting bureaucracy. Voting YES on this measure would require council to put this on a ballot measure before they could implement it. They had plenty of chance to put it on the November ballot, but chose not to.

Measure RE – OPPOSE: Real Property Transfer Tax. This would turn Culver City’s 0.45% transfer tax into a graduated rate, resulting in higher tax rates for anything over $1.5 million – up to 3% for anything over $10 million. Ironically, this was rammed through at the last second – far too hastily to be considered. We’re concerned with a particular loophole that allows council to amend this any way they want without voter approval. Council will be selling this as a millionaire mansion tax. But it’s likely they’ll lower the bar to include almost anyone.

State Ballot Measures

Proposition 14 Bonds for Stem Cell Research – OPPOSE
Stem cell research is leading to miraculous advancements in medicine, but borrowing $5.5 billion dollars to fund programs that have already spent $3 billion dollars, with no real accountability during these difficult economic times is irresponsible.

Proposition 15 Property Tax Increase – OPPOSE
The largest property tax in state history will drive up the cost-of-living for all Californians. This measure decimates Prop 13 property tax protections.

Proposition 16 Government Preferences – OPPOSE
Only by treating everybody equally can a state as diverse as California be fair to everyone.

Proposition 17 Parolee Voting Rights – OPPOSE
Allows violent criminals who haven’t completed parole to vote.

Proposition 18 17-Year-Old Voting – OPPOSE
The federal and state government have set the age of legal responsibilities at 18. For example, at 17 you still need a parent’s permission to go on a field trip.

Proposition 19 Transfer Property Tax Base – OPPOSE
Aims to upend Prop 13 and slowly etch away protections and irresponsible increases against property tax increases. We should vote no so we can continue to allow eligible homeowners to transfer their tax assessments and maintain inheritance rights for their children and grandchildren.

Proposition 20 Strengthens Penalties for Violent and Property Crimes – SUPPORT
Rolls back Props 47 and 57, which have resulted in increased crime in California.

Proposition 21 Rent Control – OPPOSE
Another attempt to repeal the Costa-Hawkins Act of 1995, which places statewide limits on local rent control. Costa-Hawkins exempts all single family homes, condos, and ADUs from rent control, as well as forbidding rent control on vacant units and anything built past 1995. The voters opposed a similar measure in 2018 and it was defeated.

Proposition 22 Gig Worker Classification – SUPPORT
Allows UBER/LYFT/Door Dash workers to continue working flexible hours. This is a major first step in undoing the job-killing AB5.

Proposition 23 Dialysis Clinics Consent – OPPOSE
This measure will drive up the cost of dialysis treatment. The voters opposed a similar initiative in 2018 and it was defeated.

Proposition 24 Consumer Privacy Law – OPPOSE
Creates another state agency to regulate business in California. The voters opposed a similar measure in 2018 before it was removed from the ballot.

Proposition 25 Repeal Money Bail – OPPOSE
Criminals are being released and committing crimes on the same day. If Prop 25 passes it will make it more difficult and dangerous for law enforcement to do its job.

Community College Seats: Republican Ernest Moreno, current member of Los Angeles Community College District seat # 4 recommends:
Richard Cuevas for Seat #1
Lydia Gutierrez for Seat #3
Scott Svonkin for Seat #5
Mike Fong for Seat #7

Superior Court Judges – LAGOP does not endorse any of the judges for Superior Court, as they need a Republican Party registration to meet the requirements for endorsement. Rather, we recommend going to popular Republican blogs for guidance:
Craig Huey